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Dynamo Survivor w/ Adapter


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GENERATE POWER ANY TIME, ANY WHERE, WITHOUT A POWER SOURCE! Have you ever been in a nearly deserted area, gone to start your car... and nothing! Has your car battery gone dead and plenty of people offer to jump start you, but nobody has jumper cables? Those days are over, now you can generate power any time, any where, without a power scource. This is the ideal multi-function survival/emergency unit for all situations! Never again will you be caught without flares or flashers, a dead battery, the radio, a flashlight or an emergency siren. Why? Because you have the Dynamo Survivor Multi Function Power Unit! The ideal multi-function unit for all your situations!

Product Features:

  • Jump Start a battery
  • Emergency Blinking Light
  • Accessory storage tray
  • Power bank to power electronics
  • Super Bright Flashlight and Loud Siren
  • Wind up Feature manually recharges battery in emergencies
  • Built in AM/FM radio
  • 3 level power indicator

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